Managing and Developing Your PA

Regular reviews (or supervisions, ideally quarterly) with your PA will help keep communication between you on what is working well and what could be improved – we provide an e-learning course for employers on how to complete supervisions, contact our Independent Living Team if you need any further support.

It is important that your personal assistant has the training that they need, to be able to work for you. This will make sure that they can be good at their job, work safely with you, and it will motivate them and develop their confidence.

If you have a care plan in place, you should think about what training your personal assistant needs to meet that plan. This should include any clinical responsibilities that they have. See our factsheet for more details.

Day to Day Management 'Being a Good Employer'

PA Free Classroom Training link

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Supervision Template

Hear from Blake about his experience of employing personal assistants to help him. He also talks about the type of training he has found useful.

[Source: Skills for Care]

If you're a PA and you would like to watch the 'Learning and Development for Individual Employers & PAs' webinar, please visit our Employing a PA page.