Leeds CIL can offer a wide range of training opportunities for Personal Assistants, from sessions that will give you an overall view of working from a person-centred approach, to specific training around specific impairments. The training might be new to you, build on knowledge that you already have or offer a refresher. We realise that people learn in different ways and will always try to accommodate different learning styles.  A lot of the training on offer can be accessed as classroom training, e-learning or training in the employers home.

Health and Safety Training

Having shared responsibilities with your employer around keeping yourself and the person you support safe, underpins much of the health and safety training that we offer. Courses such as moving and handling, first aid and food hygiene training all focus on the aspect of joint responsibility and can be accessed in a variety of ways, including e-learning and classroom training.

Impairment Related Training

Our training calendars also offer the chance to gain knowledge about the condition or impairment your employer has or the person you support. Courses such as Autism Awareness, Visual Impairment Awareness, and Epilepsy Awareness are regular courses that Leeds CIL commission.

Person-centred Support Training

Making sure that people are involved in and central to their support is a key component of person-centred support, and we will always endeavour to make this a part of any PA training programme.  PAs will learn about the importance of respecting people’s values and putting people at the centre of their support, as well as taking into account people’s preferences and expressed needs.

If you are new to the PA role or are considering if you would like to apply to become a PA, you can attend one of our “Essential Guide to Being a PA” courses and meet other PAs.

You may be able to be paid for the time you spend at training and be reimbursed for travel expenses.

Please visit our PA training calendar to view our latest training and development opportunities.