Emergency First Aid - 3/07/18

This training course is designed for individuals who have no prior understanding of First Aid, but require an understanding of how to deal with First Aid emergencies.Read more

Intensive Interaction - 9/07/18

This course gives a broad overview of Intensive Interaction and its associated strategies, including some background context and history. There will be active learning activities, group work, time to answer and engage all trainees and active discussion on any points of concern.Read more

Moving & Handling for PA's - 11/07/18

This interactive workshop aims to give PAs an overview of the frequently encountered issues of manual handling and some possible solutions. It will be tailored to meet the training needs of the group on the day. N.B. This course does not include hoist training.Read more

PA's & Person Centred Support - 20/07/18

This course focuses on the concept of self-directed support & the skills a PA needs to facilitate this. Topics which will be covered: the history of the independent living movement & the impact on today's practice, different outcomes people want to achieve and how particular outcomes can be achieved.Read more

Epilepsy Awareness - 25/07/18

This training will inform you about; what Epilepsy is, seizures and different seizure types, diagnosis and treatment of Epilepsy, what to do if you witness a seizure, First Aid for seizures, together with an insight into living with Epilepsy.Read more

PA's Get Cooking! - 30/07/18

Come and take part in an enjoyable training day, combining knowledge of food safety with cooking beautiful simple dishes! Develop your cooking skills, inspired by flavours of the Mediterranean. Read more

Behaviour which Challenges (including Physical Interventions) - 15/08/18

This course is run by Team Teach and is aimed at PA's who need practical advice around de-escalation techniques and interventions that will keep the person they are supporting, and themselves, safe.Read more

Autism & Asperger's Awareness - 29/08/18

This course is aimed at PA's who work with people on the Autistic spectrum and is designed to equip them with; specific skills in this area, an understanding of the background to the autistic spectrum condition, an awareness of environmental control and support methods to increase independence.Read more

PA Essentials - 7/09/18

The course is ideal for new Personal Assistants & will give an overview of the role. Topics covered will include: Health & Safety, Basic Food Hygiene, Safeguarding, Equality, Diversity & focusing on the Responsibilities of the PA Role. It is designed to fit alongside the induction that an employer will provide once a PA is in their post. Read more

First Aid at Work (3 Day Course) - 10th, 12th & 17th of September

This course will provide PA's with both theoretical and practical knowledge when dealing with First Aid in the workplace. It will require delegates to sit both a written and an oral assessment. This 3 day course will give participants a qualification to the highest level of First Aid, meeting the statutory requirements of 'Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981'.Read more

Looking Good, Feeling Great! 14/09/2018

This course has been designed to equip PA's with skills to support their employer with hair styling & make-up application.Read more

Visual Impairment Awareness - 24/09/18

This training will be delivered by Employers who are visually impaired themselves and is based on their own experiences of employing PA's. The course aims to increase the skills and confidence of PA's to provide empathetic support to their employers.Read more