PA Essentials Course

We run a FREE PA essentials course which is available for anyone to access. Whether you have been a PA for years or you have only just found out about the role, this course gives you the opportunity to learn new skills and gain an understanding of what is expected from PA’s. If you are interested in the role you can book your place through our Eventbrite page.

Free training?

If you are currently employed as a Personal Assistant you may be able to request training through your employer. You can check the PA training page for more information or ask your employer to contact Leeds CIL on 0113 231 1125.

PA Hub – Facebook

If you are currently working as a PA and would like to contact your peers who are working in a similar situation. You can request to join the PA Hub Facebook group to discuss problems or just meet new people!


If you are interested in joining a union as a PA you can check out Unison who cover all sectors of public service workers.

Skills for Care

Skills for Care is an organisation who is committed to improving the PA role. They provide a lot of support to employers so they can provide training. If you are interested in receiving additional training in your PA role and it isn’t available through the Leeds CIL training and development services, it may be worthwhile looking at Skills for Care.


If you are looking for any legal advice during your employment as a PA you can access ACAS’s free helpline on 0300 123 1100 or visit the ACAS website.