Writing the Job Description

Why Have a Job Description

A good job description and advert will get a much higher response so it is well worth thinking about and taking some time over. You need to provide a job description so people will know if

the role is right for them.

Job Description: a list of tasks you would like your PA to do - If you have a support plan, you may have specific requirements

Person Specification: a list of skills, values, culture & understanding, experience of providing personal support are essential and desirable requirements are factors you will need to think about when writing the person specification.

Advertising the Vacancy

Once you have created your job description and person specification with summary terms and conditions for applicants, you can focus on creating your advert.

When you advertise you need to consider where you want to place your advert, e.g. using the UKCIL website or universities. You can advertise in as many or as few places as you want, bearing in mind that different options may cost substantially different amounts. You will consider how these costs will be met, either from your direct payments, as approved in your support plan, or from your own monies.



Job Description

Don’t Discriminate

Sample advert

Sample JD

Hear from Wendy about her experience of employing personal assistants on behalf of her friend. She talks about how she recruits PAs and the type of training her PA has done.

[Source: Skills for Care]