At Leeds CIL we offer a Supported Bank Account service for customers who may need support managing their direct payment or are unable to open a bank account for other reasons.  Our dedicated team operate over 300 supported accounts.  

If you would like to use our Supported Account Service you can make a referral, or contact one of our Independent Living Guides. Once we have received a referral we will contact you to a give you further details about the service; and if you choose to go ahead, to sign our Supported Account Service Agreement.

Leeds CIL will:

  • Set up a Supported Account in your name with our current financial banking provider, Lloyds Bank
  • Monitor the money paid into the account by Leeds City Council/ NHS / other funding body/ personal contribution
  • Make payments from your account as agreed with you.  We can only make payments if you have enough money available
  • Keep statement records of the money going in and out of your Supported Account
  • Provide information on your Supported Account to Leeds City Council/ NHS / other funding body to satisfy monitoring and auditing requirements
  • Inform you of any changes to the agreement, or any changes to the amount charged with a months’ notice
  • Give you a months’ notice if we need to terminate the agreement

You will need to:

  • Keep overall control over your account
  • Pay your assessed contribution (where applicable) by standing order into your Supported Account, from your personal bank account.  Failure to do so may result in Leeds CIL support being withdrawn
  • Amend the standing order amount if your assessed contribution (where applicable) changes
  • Be responsible as the employer (if you employ PAs) and use funds in your Supported Bank Account to pay them.  Leeds CIL, or any of its employees will at no time be deemed to be the employer for any purpose
  • Pay Leeds CIL the agreed Supported Bank Account fees by Standing Order – this may be included in your support plan
  • Provide details of any agencies and/or payroll information required
  • Let us know of any changes to your support plan, providers and/or PAs that are paid from funds in your Support Bank Account
  • Tell Leeds CIL if you wish to terminate this agreement with a minimum 4 weeks’ notice

Costs for the service may have been included in your support plan as part of your Personal Budget funded by Leeds City Council, a Personal Health Budget funded by the NHS, or you can pay for this yourself.