Leeds CIL offer opportunities to join working groups on the projects we run based around what our members and others want us to get involved in. These groups ensure that Leeds CIL continues to represent the views and opinions of our customers.

What are the groups aims:

  • Promote Leeds CIL by sharing their experiences
  • Act as positive role models to others
  • Offer emotional support, understanding and advice
  • Help develop the future of Leeds CIL

You do not need any previous experience to join the groups but you must be:

  • Committed to the work of the group, Members are expected to actively participate in meetings which focus on improving the quality of services.
  • A good communicator, As well as giving their views on a range of subjects members will be expected to listen to the views of other group members and engage in open and honest debate.
  • Able to work closely with others, Assurance group members will be required to develop a close working relationship with one another.

How do I take part?
Simply complete and return the become a volunteer form.