If you are new to employing your own PA's you may want to access some training for yourself. Leeds CIL run regular coffee mornings/workshops around employment law and managing employees that is specifically aimed at people who employ PA's. Topics include:

  • Advice on management - including holding supervision meetings and annual appraisals.
  • Dealing with disciplinary issues and grievances.
  • Dealing with issues of absence/underperformance.

These workshops will increase your confidence as an employer and your ability to deal with situations as they arise.

What our customers have said about training they have attended at Leeds CIL:

"These courses are enormously useful. As an employer you can often be concerned about missing changes in law and requirements. Being able to ask questions in the context of the course in invaluable."

Leeds CIL customer

"I have found the two training courses on employment law extremely beneficial. It has made me aware of my rights as an employer and about many contractual details and I feel much more confident in my role as an employer."

Leeds CIL customer

Please visit our employer training calendar to view our latest training and development opportunities.