At Leeds CIL, we believe that training and development opportunities can benefit our customers and the PAs they employ in many ways.

Leeds CIL is underpinned by social model values and our aim is to support people to be as independent as possible, thereby aiming to reduce their need for our input over time. Reducing this dependency defines our success and runs through everything we do. With this in mind, our training programme for Employers is focused on increasing the knowledge of our customers so that they are able to carry out their employer responsibilities with confidence.

For example, our employment law workshops will provide employers with essential information based on key areas to be aware of when employing PAs. The training we commission is tailored to the job and is influenced by what our customers tell us they want; so unlike most employment law courses, these sessions are specifically for individual employers. We understand that being an employer can sometimes be challenging, but our training workshops can prepare you for this role and give you the opportunity to get sound working procedures in place and establish good employer/PA relations.

Training for your Personal Assistant can also have a positive effect on the way they approach their work. As well as learning new skills, some of the training your PAs can access is around encouraging a positive attitude towards disabled people and reinforcing the fact that you are the employer and that you should be in control of how you want your support to be delivered.

During induction or at regular supervisions, it is a good idea to talk to your PA about training so that you can:

  • Skills for Caremake sure your PA has the skills they need to support you
  • be assured your PA can work safely with you
  • keep up to date with good practice and H&S legislation
  • help your PA be good at their job and develop their skills
  • increase your PA’s confidence and job satisfaction in their role
  • meet the requirements of your insurer
  • ensure that you have better quality support

Also, having access to training may make your PA feel more valued. If your PA is happy in their work and treated fairly, they are more likely to stay with you.

Please visit our training calendar to view our latest training and development opportunities.