Everyone who works at Leeds CIL is there to help people with a variety of care needs across the spectrum. Some need more help than others, and our team understand that, so we'll happily accommodate our services to you needs.

If you want us to help you fully manage your package, we'll be there from the beginning helping you to recruit your PAs, set up your care plan once it has been approved and take care of the paperwork and financial side of things so you don't have to.

If you feel you can manage some level of these either to begin with, or progressively take direct control of more of your care package as you learn the ropes, we can tailor-make the tools to help you to do this.

CIL Board MembersBoard of Trustees

To achieve our mission, values and aims, we are governed by a board of Trustees. They meet monthly to set policy, monitor performance and overall direction. They use their personal skills and experience as needed to ensure CIL is well-run and efficient, utilising external professional advice on matters as needed or appropriate.

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CIL Board MembersSenior Management

Our dedicated management team oversee the day-to-day running of everything that happens at Leeds CIL, maintaining and developing our working partnerships, coordinating our fund-raising and reporting back to our management board of Trustees.

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CIL Board MembersIndependent Living Advisers

Our team of advisers help our customers recruit and manage their personal assistants whilst meeting all their responsibilities as employers.

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CIL Board MembersPayroll Support Team

Our payroll support team helps our customers manage their funding, keep records and ensure their PAs are paid on time. Each customer is assigned a dedicated support worker to work with them each month and make sure everything is processed on time.

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CIL Board MembersBusiness Support Team

Leeds CIL couldn't function without our dedicated administrative staff, whose skills and experiences are utilised throughout the team. They may well be the first face you see when you arrive at reception, or first voice you hear on the phone when you call.

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