Your role as a PA will be to support your employer to live independently. PAs don’t necessarily need to have any previous experience or qualifications; what is important is having the right values because the employer will rely on their PA for support. A PA is likely to be involved in many aspects of their employer’s life and may be asked to provide support in the home, at leisure or at work and work in ways to encourage and support the achievement of greater independence, self-reliance and wellbeing for people we support, so that they can live the life they choose.

You may be providing support with:

  • Personal care – toileting, washing, bathing or getting dressed
  • Day to day living – cooking, cleaning, meal preparation or shopping
  • Getting about in the community – providing transport, driving their car or using public transport
  • Maintaining hobbies and interests, or relationships with family and friends

Remember that your employer:

  • Will have a way they want things done
  • Has a right to have their dignity maintained
  • Will always be the expert in their care

A PA needs to:

  • Be sensitive to their employers needs
  • Listen carefully to ensure they do what their employer asks
  • Not assume they know what is best