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We know that finding a PA can seem daunting as well as exciting. Our independent living advisers at ASIST have helped hundreds of people just like you to recruit a PA. If you want to have a go yourself, try searching our PA Database for people who match your requirements (full PA details available from ASIST). Or you could ask an ASIST Adviser to post an advert on our PA Database on your behalf.

Our team can support you either in person or by giving you direct access to the information you need. In conjunction with Skills for Care we've developed a toolkit to support people like you to employ their own personal assistants; guiding you through the process of employment, what to do when PAs are working for you, building strong working relationships, dealing with problems as well as helping you to understand your responsibilities as an employer and your legal obligations.

The toolkit is split into key sections below. Click on each to find out more.

Employing a personal assistant can help you live independently and in a way that you choose. When you employ a personal assistant, this means you become an employer and this can be daunting as there are lots of things to think about. This toolkit will help guide you through the process of employing a personal assistant, what to do when they are working for you as well as helping you to understand your responsibilities as an employer and your legal obligations.

Download a Copy: PDF | Easy Read | Word

These are the key tasks of the recruitment process. This section will take you through each of them in turn, including: Job descriptions and person specifications; Advertising; Choosing who to interview; The interview; Offering the job; Doing the checks and Keeping records.

Download a Copy: PDF | Easy Read | Word

This section details the key tasks you should carry out before your personal assistant starts work. It contains quite a lot of information, but it is all essential and covers: Contract of employment; Paying your personal assistant; Providing a pension; Maternity, paternity and adoption rights; Health and safety and Insurance.

Download a Copy: PDF | Easy Read | Word

This section explains what you need to do once your personal assistant starts work and how you manage them on a day to day basis, starting with the induction process, ongoing supervision and review sessions.

Download a Copy: PDF | Easy Read | Word

It is important that your personal assistant has the training they need to be able to work for you. By having the right training you can be sure your personal assistant can work safely with you, meet insurance requirements, help your personal assistants to be good at the job, develop their skills, give them confidence and a sense of achievement and keep up to date with practice, like new laws and better ways of doing things.

Download a Copy: PDF | Easy Read | Word

For many people using their direct payment to employ Personal Assistants is the first time they have acted as an employer and managed their own staff. Even people with experience of being an employer or a manager can find that employing and managing PAs is very different from being an employer or manager in other sectors. This factsheet is intended give advice on how to manage PAs, how to avoid problems and what to do if a problem does arise.

Download a Copy: PDF | Word

Sometimes your PA will be unable to come to work because they are sick. This factsheet will help you consider what cover you might need to arrange if your PA is sick as well as providing guidance on paying your PA sick pay.

Download a Copy: PDF | Word

At some point your PA’s employment with you will come to an end. This will usually be because they resign (‘hand in their notice’) but it may be for other reasons such as redundancy or dismissal. When your PA leaves, for any of these reasons, there are certain processes which must be followed. This factsheet guides you through these processes and your obligations as an employer.

Download a Copy: PDF | Word

How do you go about getting an Adviser? Contact us directly or ask your social worker to refer your case to us and we can meet you and explain our support in more detail. You can also contact us if you have any questions about the toolkit.

Are you interested in a varied and interesting job supporting disabled and older people with daily tasks so they can enjoy the same freedom, choice and control as the rest of society?

Leeds CIL supports hundreds of people to recruit their own workers from a variety of backgrounds with various skills, experience is not essential.

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